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 Leonardo DiCaprio Once Again Shows How Much He Cares

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Leonardo DiCaprio Once Again Shows How Much He Cares  Empty
PostSubject: Leonardo DiCaprio Once Again Shows How Much He Cares    Leonardo DiCaprio Once Again Shows How Much He Cares  EmptyWed Feb 08, 2017 8:19 am

… with salted animal flesh. The oscar winning actor was snapped in Cape Town, South Africa, not doing his usual speech about the environment but instead contributing to the destruction of it. DiCaprio is held high by many in the mainstream “animal movement” as a voice for the voiceless and a harbinger of change. The reality is that DiCaprio, like so many other celebrities, is just a voice for hire. A mouth puppet spewing corporate bile and deception whilst simultaneously engaging in the exploitation of the vulnerable. A living contradiction of the very words that leave his mouth when the lights are shining on him and the moral high ground feels good. The reality is he never had any moral ground, let alone the high ground. Caught with a butcher named “Salt Bae” – so called for the way he salts animal flesh – DiCaprio seemed entranced watching the butcher working on the unfortunate someone on the table before him. It’s a pity he can’t separate his acting career from issues of fundamental justice; voiceovers for documentary’s are hardly compelling when 1) the documentary is fundamentally flawed in focusing on either human health or the environment (Cowspiracy, for example) and 2) the narrator engages in the largest mass violation of fundamental rights in human history. A violation that also happens to be the number one contributor to the very cause he claims to support – climate change. It seems the only time Leonardo DiCaprio will take morality seriously will be if there’s a market for it. Until then it seems he’s content to talk out the both sides of his mouth. I’m feeling the need for inception; someone needs to plant an idea inside this guys head.

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Leonardo DiCaprio Once Again Shows How Much He Cares
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